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Admit Two Productions is seeking your business!

Admit Two Productions is currently seeking businesses in need of commercial exposure. We offer a one stop shop for everything your little heart desires. We can take your business into the main stream with quality professional commercial video production. We offer competitive pricing and top notch quality that’s sure to bring a smile to your face and pocket. We are also offering our production services to screenwriters and can facilitate all video, sound recording and editing. Our company is growing fast and we are able to take on bigger and bigger projects. Contact us today for details. 

"Finding Grace"

A young woman's decision to end her life affects the lives of multiple strangers at a rundown motel

We are all in this together. It singles no one person out. Whether it's us, someone close to us, or someone we've never met, it's time to not only talk about it BUT start DOING something about it. #Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death and has increased 28% since 1999. That's unacceptable. #FindingGrace is our way of working towards a change, be a part of that change with us. #thepowerofkindness

"Crazy Disabled Love"

Check out Admit Two Productions's Film, and please share.




We really appreciate all the support!!


Testimonial from "Nic Novicki"

Disability Film Challenge Representative



I just wanted to send you an email to let you know I loved Crazy Disabled Love!!! I thought you guys did an amazing job getting the word out about your film, and the challenge too!!!  

Your film had votes for best filmmaker, and actor!!!  I am glad I didn't have to be one of the judges because it was a really tough call and it ended up being a really close race.

I just wanted to say congrats again on making such an amazing film! It was one of my favorites. I hope you and everyone else involved were able to gain exposure and other gigs from making this amazing film!!!  

Please pass on my congratulations to all of your team members that were able to help out in making such a beautiful film/campaign.

I look forward to talking soon and hopefully seeing another film from you in the 2016 Disability Film Challenge!!!

Best Regards,

Nic Novicki
Principle- CFO
Broken Dreams Blvd., Inc.



Admit Two Productions latest commercial
Backyard Living 2017 Commercial's

Contact us today for all of your commercial needs!

Whitney's Affordable A/C & Heating 2017 Commercial

Tyler & Margaret Unsworth Wedding Highlight Video

       We are licensed FAA part 107, and offer 4k drone service!

Contact us today for pricing and information.

            Flight at the beach in Gulf Shores Alabama for the 4th of July!


  Ex Reyes

"Bad Timing"

We filmed the drone photography on this music video.

Live Music


 We offer our filming services to all artists looking to get their name out. We have multiple cameras and sound mixing equipment. Contact us today for more info.


Bringing you the live sounds of New Orleans' best up-and-coming local musicians! Ya Heard Dat?




Ms. Charm Taylor

    "Green Acres"

"Mother Of Nine"

 "Afrodhamma Meditation Suite"

Baron Amato & Harbinger Project

                          "Live Folk"

    RC & The Gritz

"Love, Love, Love"


                     "Six Miles"

                   Painted Honey

           "My Sacred Pleasure"


               "Lethal Injection"



         "Cupids Aim"

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